E noi sull’illusione

(and us on illusion)


glazed ceramic, iron, pvc, wood, eggshells
300 x 400 x 210 cm

E noi sull’illusione (And us on illusion) is an installation where four sculptures are suspended in an optical illusion. The space of the installation is defined by a wallpaper that emulates the grid of pixels, which encodes the void in graphics software such as Photoshop. The sculptures display the extremities of a human body, primarily hands feet and ears, held together by iron rods, articulated to create precarious and distorted anthropomorphic forms. The optical illusion created by the grid on the backdrop induces a sense of suspension, loss of references, translating into spatiality the feeling of loss of horizon.

Installation view at MAMbo, Museo Arte Moderna, Bologna
Photo: Carlo Favero